About Woolor

What is Woolor?

Woolor is originating from a misspelling of the word “Wular Lake”, India’s largest fresh water lake, located in Bandipore district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Woolor is also collection of india’s fresh and innovative website based companies information.

Why Woolor is started?

We are just connecting the dots between internet entrepreneurship and Indian people.

Our aim is to organize the indian website based companies’ information and make it freely accessible and useful.

India, the third largest internet consumer country in the world, produces more than 5 to 6 lakhs computer graduates each year.But many Indians think our graduation system failed to produce companies like Google,Facebook or Twitter. Partially true but not totally.China has Baidu,QQ and Taobao. Russia has Yandex,mail.ru & VK.And what do we have? That is why people think we are lacking. But people forget that India is the largest English speaking country in the world and those people are only major internet users, while Chinese and Russian are more comfortable in their respective vernacular than English. So Google and Facebook opponents can be generated easily in China/Russia but not in India. Second China has the largest number of internet consumer in the world. India is third but percentage wise it is very low. But now Indian companies are also generating a competition in field of social network, e-commerce ,m-commerce, education and other. A report from Dublin based research company declare that the Indian e-commerce sector growing at a compounded annual rate of 40% to $34.2 billion in 2015 from around $5.9 billion in 2010. The sector is still in nascent stage and set to grow exponentially as Indian penetration increases rapidly. Amazon and eBay are getting tough competition in India.

India is also generating Flipkart, Naukri, Snapdeal, Reddif, MakeMyTrip and other includes Indian major in e-commerce, m-commerce, social network or education field through their website so we don’t have to very much worry about our education system but have to encourage our youth for start-up. We are lacking here…Unlike the Silicon Valley no one funds for ideas in India and that is the biggest challenge any Indian startup faces. Founders have to boost up the company through the device model to earn money and then they got funding and benefits to develop products. By that time they had already lost quite a lot of time which could have been used to develop products. Here I am putting these website based companies information and story. Hope you enjoy.
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