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Abhisek Sarda

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January, 2013
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1-10 employees

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Goa, India
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imposters’ Story is an online shopping portal for buying Art Prints, Posters and Photographs.

The idea for Imposters was seeded in founders mind when they were looking for art to put up on their office walls. They couldn’t find anything beautiful. And the stuff they liked cost more than an airconditioner, which was higher on their priority. Most online stores only sold film posters or reprints. Being designers, they decided to make their own posters. They made a few and loved them. So they decided to set up a company that would make beautiful posters and sell them at a price that folks like them could afford. Each poster that they sell has been made by them and is available only on

They have also founded and PPT Salon is a design company that focuses on helping clients create beautiful and effective presentations, while Beard Design works with start-ups and entrepreneurs on Branding andMarketing Communication projects.

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