team-bhp is an auto portal for unbiased Indian car reviews, news and analysis from owners & enthusiasts, information of pricing, pictures and scoops of new launches in India.

A little after the turn of the millennium, a couple of Indian petrolheads – felt that a common ground was essential for them to do what they were best at – talk cars! There was just one fly in the ointment; the platform didn’t exist hitherto. They wanted to discuss Indian cars, exchange ownership reviews, share tips, all of it shoe-horned into one definitive knowledge base. Rush Parekh (a.k.a GTO) took the initiative of creating a tiny forum on the MSN Communities called “Formula India”. That message board offered little more than a free storage of posts on the MSN website. There were only ten to fifteen active members at the time. Even though the team was small and the features of that proto-community were confined, their passion was fathomless. And the determination overwhelming. Within no time, their group became a valuable repository of car reviews, advice on tuning and owning cars, manufacturer idiosyncrasies, lists of problematic cars et al.

At some point, they realized that the information on cars available from traditional media outlets could be beguiling. This came as no surprise given the financial power of the automotive industry’s advertising departments, but the camaraderie of Indian petrolheads surely deserved better! Driven by the zeal of the inconspicuous MSN community, they decided to take the step of building an independent Indian automotive portal. They aspired to become a feature-rich community that could literally “Redline the Indian car scene” – a common platform where car enthusiasts could get together and have free access to unbiased and honest information on the Indian car scene.

On the 10th of February, 2004, the Team-BHP domain was registered. On the 14th of February, only 4 days later, Team-BHP went live. The name was coined to emphasize that they were more than just another interest group or forum – they are a team strongly glued by an indomitable spirit, fueled only by their love for cars. The choice of the word “BHP” was even more obvious; they all wanted more power! Altogether, the name describes a collaborative community driven by the ethos of speed, power, reliability, efficiency and performance. Due to the paucity of available resources in the fledgling days, Team-BHP was hosted on a shared server only loaded with freeware. Yet the identity was unique and the spirit was strong. Within a few months, by sheer dint of hard work, we grew to 1,000 automobile enthusiasts and 50,000 articles. Eventually, they decided to host the Team-BHP community on a fully dedicated server utilizing the most premium softwares available.

Team-BHP does NOT accept any ad revenue or funding from the automotive industry.