Jawad Ayaz
( The University of Texas at Dallas ; R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore)
Vinod Chandran
(R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore)
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November, 2012
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20North Online Private Limited

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11-50 employees

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Bangalore, India
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20north’s Story

Soon after his graduation from RV College of Engineering (RVCE) in Bangalore in 1987, Jawad Ayaz did what many aspiring youth from his generation set out to do — a study trip to the US. Life was beginning to change. Into the University of Texas, what freshman Ayaz opted for was a two-year master’s programme in electrical and computer engineering. It gave him an opportunity to fine tune his skills, which would come in handy later.

By 1990, he was employed with Nortel Networks, a multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturer, back in USA. Despite being part of a team that designed and built Nortel’s GSM switching platform. Ideas abound, an entrepreneur was already in the making. Enter an able partner in Vinod Chandra, another alumnus of RVCE. Both met at Nortel. In no time, the Nortel manager evolved into a visionary entrepreneur. Thus came about Ayaz’s first — Ind-Telesoft, a firm focusing on developing computer software. He was the founder-CEO of the company. Circa October 1999, Ayaz’s brainchild Xybridge Technologies was born.

He persisted and Xybridge was declared a forerunner in the wireless (mobile) soft-switch product market with Motorola as its primary customer. Persistence paid off. Two years later, US-based Zhone Technologies, a global provider of advanced telecommunication equipment to about 600 operators, evinced interest in Xybridge. When Xybridge was sold off, it was time to float the next company. And Ayaz decided to strike again, with Openera Technologies in 2001. Not just the name, even the game was different this time around. Openera focused on the device/handset side. From an employee strength of 50-odd, Openera grew up to 200 and kept building communication applications, including real-time video, voice and multimedia, for mobile devices. Original equipment manufacturers like Lucent and NEC Global joined the elite clientele. A leading provider of communication technologies and solution-enabling enhanced services and efficient networks in the US, NMS Communications, bought it in 2006.

After the sell-out of Openera, Ayaz became the Managing Director (India) of NMS Communications. Entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the Indian market operations, he also offered product strategies and technology directions for the mobile applications division (now, Livewire Mobile) of the communication technology major.

In 2008, Ayaz had another ace venture, 20North Online Pvt.Ltd, an e-commerce portal with his partner Vinod Chandran. 20North.com is an e-commerce website catering to the international shopping needs of Indian consumers.

In 2012, both founer had started Zansaar.com, online retailer of home décor products.

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