Pankaj Agarwal belong to a business family and had wanted to be an entrepreneur since early days. He joined Citigroup after completing his MBA from IIM Indore in 2005 and worked there for two years. He came across several opportunities and eventually decided to do something in the field of online classifieds. The classifieds industry at that time was at early stages in India and he saw tremendous potential and scale in it.

Clickindia started in April 2007 with a small team of 5 people. Every entrepreneur is faced with one challenge in the beginning. Marketing versus prudent spending; as a marketer, they want to advertise as much as they can to generate traffic. However, in a startup should be done differently because for want of more cash flow. They have stuck to prudent financial spending since beginning which has kept the costs in control and ensured they focused on building a better product first.

They kept on launching product offerings, modifying and/or shelving them in the first year. And all these things were being done when the company did not have a single source of revenue. So, it was a crucial 12 months and thankfully they survived. They broken even in the second year of operations, so they knew they were going on the right track. However, since the base was small they were not really sure how far they could go. So, they thought of making something which was scalable & technology driven in the long run. They spent a lot of time in researching user behavior within the website and outside in general. Moreover, Internet has been evolving in India and when more and more people joined their site, they had different expectations and they had to
relaunch some of the products they shelved earlier and built new ones.

Today, Clickindia is ranked among the leading classifieds websites in India. serves as a channel to thousands of small businesses every month to attract buyers by posting free ads related to their products and services. They have numerous users who cannot spend too much on advertisements and rely on Clickindia to a great extent. They also have a mobile site