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Sandeep Kumar
(Xavier Labour Relations Institute)
November, 2012
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Parent Company
Global Interactive Malls Pvt Ltd

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Head Office
Gurgaon, India
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magazinemall’s Story is a property of Global Interactive Malls P. Ltd. They are focused on retailing publications in an ‘e-bricks’ model across India and the rest of the world. offers a comprehensive order catalogue of publications in the magazine category across India, with reading material packaged as family packs across verticals and interests, professional packs along relevant verticals, corporate packs across industry verticals, while also providing YOU with the option to design YOUR own packs aligned with individual interests and preferences.
A mall is usually a ‘one stop’ destination for the individual or a family alike. Sandeep Kumar was inspired to save time for readers by reducing the procurement hassles. So he started magazinemall and has invested his life savings and borrowed money from his wife.
In his professional career, he had worked on dimensions such as people processes, organization development, staffing, process automation, vendor delivery assurance, ethics frameworks, services assurance etc. He had worked with industry leaders like Hughes Software (now Aricent), The Computer Sciences Corporation and COLT Technology Services (a Fidelity company).

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