mydala is India’s Online Shopping Deals, Coupons, & Discount Offers website for restaurants, spa, beauty salons, travel, health and more in India. Anisha Singh is co-founder and CEO of

Anisha Singh had started group buying website MyDala (‘Dala’ in Sanskrit means ‘group’, so ‘MyDala’ means ‘My Group’) in 2009 along with her husband, Arjun Basu, and friend Ashish Bhatnagar. In starting days Anisha Singh shared her office with a dental clinic. The place was too small.

Anisha had already started a company in the US which made digital content for real estate companies in the US. Around that time, Anisha read a few articles on offline groups coming together to buy LCDs in bulk in China for huge discounts. Anisha was still in the US then and Groupon was still a blog. So she decided to come to India and try the bulk buying concept here. Anisha and Arjun packed their bags and came to India to test the waters and never moved back. Her sister in law sent the rest of their belongings to India later.

The early days were different . Anisha and the people around her were sceptical if anyone would give her a 40 per cent discount on deals. Those were the times when Groupon had yet to become successful. The first three months were very difficult. She had come to India and still had an accent in her voice, which vanished as soon as she had to get her hands dirty to get business and talk to merchants.

Group buying is still new concept in the country. Companies like MyDala tie-up with a merchant and offer a particular deal online at huge discounts. These are targeted deals like getting a tattoo on a particular day from a particular tattoo maker. Another deal could be a continental dinner in a particular restaurant at a discounted price. A lot of people buy coupons for these deals and avail the discounts.

Anisha still goes and talks to merchants and convinced them to put a deal on at a discount. Initially merchants were scared of brand dilution, but Singh explained to them that opting for a deal would increase their clientele and function as an alternate marketing tool.

Now MyDala has areas of services: restaurant deals, health packages like spa therapy, and recreation-like weekend packages. MyDala also sells mobile phones and jewellery at discounted prices. Mydala got a fund from Info Edge(parent company of