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Pratik Adani
(University of Southern California – MS ; University of Mumbai – B.E)
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January, 2013
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Parent Company
Zon Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founded Year

Number of Employee
11-50 employees

Head Office
Mumbai, India
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pricepaaji’ Story is a price comparison website comparing online prices with those of local stores for products.

Pratik Adani went to the University of Southern California for a Masters Degree in Computer Science and was working in a Digital Advertising company in US before he decided to leave the American dream and come back to India. When he came back from US, he was looking to buy a good Television and a music system for him. During his research he surfed a lot of websites to get details about product , prices and reviews .Not only that he went to 10 different local stores in his area, but was annoyed by the lack of price parity for the same product. That was indeed a painstaking process and he lost a good 3 weekends. As a tech-savvy person he was amazed to see lack of Indian websites where good information is available to a user. This was what hit him the most , the lack of technology in daily life to make it simpler and more productive as compared to western world where technology is a part of daily life. That’s when the idea for was born which was to give the customer basic five things to make an informed purchase decision i.e. Product Discovery; Buying Tips; Price; Reviews & Compare. He started in 2012.

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