Protik Roychowdhury
(Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur-2011 B.Tech)
Teja Nemana Srinivasa
(Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur-2011 B.Tech)
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January, 2013
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Blank Page Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

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NA, India
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Snippet’s Story is an online service that allows users to convey their thoughts and expressions using their own unique and individual voice via “croaks”. Croaks are your 30 second voice snippets on cloud that can be created and accessed from any mobile device. not only allows you to break free from the constraints of text boxes and 26 letters, but also explore the wide plethora of emotions that only voice can provide.

It started off as a fun app as a a platform for bathroom singers of their campus. This platform allowed students to put up their songs and others would rate it, all anonymously. They saw it as a way of making online interactions much more personal and real, by allowing a user to use his/her own unique and individual voice. The potential was immense, they realized, when they actually started to analyse the sort of content that was being created.That’s where the idea found its seed and from there it snowballed into

From personal messages to picture tagging to holiday wishes, a croak can allow you to make it that much more personal than a text box and 26 alphabets. The most awesome feature being you can croak anywhere on the internet!


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