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kyazoonga is an Indian portal to buy tickets for movies, cricket matches, live events, other sports events etc.

Neetu Bhatia, Co-founder, KyaZoonga, is an investment banker turned entrepreneur, Neetu is credited with creating the Web 2.0 movie-ticket aggregator market in India. Prior to co-founding KyaZoonga, she was a senior media & telecom investment banker on Wall Street. Most recently, she led Bank of Montreal’s U.S. Internet Media practice as a Director in its Media, Communications & Technology Investment Banking Group. She has over nine years of experience originating and executing several strategic advisory and financing transactions in these sectors. Neetu’s transactions include over $40 billion of executed deals for Time Warner, Google, Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon, Cingular, AT&T and others.

KyaZoonga is India’s first and largest entertainment and sports ticketing company. Launched in early 2007, KyaZoonga has sold a few million tickets to consumers both in India and in several other countries. The company provides access to all forms of ticketed entertainment with multiple payment options through our online, mobile, box-office and retail distribution channels. It consolidates information in one user-friendly place and enables customers to search, find and transact in a central location. KyaZoonga is backed by a $15bn New York-based hedge fund that has multiple investments in cutting edge e-media companies.

During one of her visits to India in 2006, they wanted to go out to watch a movie – however, there was no service that offered up show times, schedules, availability and tickets for all theaters in a city. That’s when the idea struck her brother and co-founder Akash to bring all the movie theaters in India onto a single common platform. Thereafter, they went about doing their technical due diligence, market research and finally creating a business proposition and model for their cinema partners. They launched the service in April 2007. Since then they expanded rapidly from movie tickets to cricket tickets, concert, other live events and sports tickets. They began with several innovations including pioneering a centralized ticketing system in the country and fully developing our own state-of-the-art ticketing system and platform, thereby owning their own technology and the intellectual property, the only company in the Indian subcontinent to do so. They are also the only company in the Indian subcontinent to not only have ticketed all forms of International cricket and multi-sport Olympic style events but also a major international event such as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 along with movies and live events.



Neetu Bhatia
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MS; Government College of Engineering, Pune- B.E)

Akash Bhatia
(MIT Sloan School of Management-MBA; University of Cincinnati-MS; Government College of Engineering, Pune- B.E)

Arpita Majumder
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MS; MIT Sloan School of Management-MBA)

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