Sportskeeda is an online platform of sports lovers from football and cricket to TT, wrestling and kabaddi. On Sportskeeda, you will find news articles, interviews, reviews, analysis, comics, and even satires on a variety of sports featured therein; you can write your own articles, debate, and also participate in quizzes and other contests. Sportskeeda is primarily user driven. The website promotes interactivity and claims to give equal justice to all sports.

An engineer and an MBA graduate from SIBM, Bangalore, and with work experience at Infosys and Tutorvista, Porush Jain, Founder of Sportskeeda is a sports lover and enthusiast, and seeing opportunity in the lack of a popular Indian sports website, he zeroed in on Sportskeeda. He wanted to give his venture a name that would arouse curiosity and interest; inspired by the popular phrase ‘kitabi keeda’ (Bookworm, in English), Porush decided to name it Sportskeeda.

Porush started Sportskeeda as a WordPress blog in October 2009 while he was in his 2nd year at SIBM. He is more of a sports enthusiast than a player though. When he started doing some groundwork for Sportskeeda, he found that there were a lot of cricket-centric websites in India. There was no website that gave equal justice to every sport. So, he started Sportskeeda, with an aim to promote other sports in India. Within a short span of time, Porush converted the blog into a full-fledged website. To share the concept and get feedback from his friends, Porush started by writing around a dozen articles himself. People received it well, and began contributing articles regularly to the website. Porush approached writers on Indian football, hockey, badminton and even kabaddi. In a span of 3 months, he had 50 writers who willfully supported the Sportskeeda cause. On the eve of his graduation in March 2010, Porush faced a big decision; whether to continue with Sportskeeda and make it his primary focus or take up a safe job elsewhere. He assessed the worst case scenario and decided to continue. Today Sportskeeda is one of the leading portal in all sports field.