Vinod G. Nair
Ravindra Nagpurkar
(Duke University-The Fuqua School of Business- MBA; University of Pune)
Rakesh Sreekumar
(Thunderbird school of Global Management, USA; XLRI Jamshedpur; Kerala University)
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January, 2013
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Talentube Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

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Head Office
Mumbai, India
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talentube’s Story

To bridge the gap between talented aspirants and the Indian entertainment industry, Vinod G. Nair, Ravi Nagpurkar and Rakesh Sreekumar have come together to start up Talentube Entertainment with primary mission to offer opportunities within the Indian entertainment industry to aspiring talent in a uniquely transparent, fair and effective manner.

The Talentube model is unique since it offers the entire gamut of talent opportunities within each film like acting, singing, dancing, choreography, song-writing, script writing, music direction, etc., exclusively to the Talentube community. Only a few key technical talents like director, cinematographer, etc., will be pre-decided for any project, while the rest will be chosen from the Talentube community. Aspirants will be able to audition and interview for the opportunities both online as well as offline, and will be guaranteed a fair and transparent process of selection. Every project will be guaranteed for completion and every audition will be considered and evaluated for short-listing.

Every audition that is submitted on Talentube goes through a four-stage filtration and short-listing process prior to making the final short list that is evaluated by the director. The Talentube team has indigenously developed a unique and revolutionary evaluation tool called the Talent Quotient (TQ) Meter. Based on parametric evaluation principles, heuristic algorithms and pro-logic decoding techniques, the TQ Meter provides members and applicants with a personalized TQ Score that analyzes their relevant skills, characteristics and suitability for the aspired role. The TQ Meter identifies area of improvement and guides the aspirant towards achieving greater success in their auditions.

Talentube will be focusing on Bollywood as it is the most desired career destination for aspiring talent.Talentube will also be announcing film projects in regional languages such as Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam and Bengali, among others; and will also make its foray into the world of television serials and television commercials. All opportunities that arise in these areas will also be offered exclusively to members of the Talentube community. As the community grows, there will be many projects announced simultaneously and continuously, including talent hunts for singers, dancers, models, game shows, beauty pageants and other innovative properties.

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