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Ankit Prasad
(Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi – M.Tech 2012)
Mohd Wassem

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January, 2013
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Talent Unlimited Online Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Delhi, India
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TouchTalent’s Story is a website about sharing your talent with the world. is a talent exchange platform, where people from different backgrounds, genres, and talents will come together to share, showcase and in the longer run market their talents. It is an online eco- system of talent creators and admirers. It also acts as an open repository where anyone can listen, feel and admire all forms of creativity.Touchtalent works on the philosophy that when we create, we have an inherent need to share and show off our creation to the world, and get feedback and appreciation. Touchtalent is a dedicated socially creative platform for creative people. has a reach of around 5 million creative people from across the globe. Majority are from South Asian countries and few European countries.

Touchtalent is a co-founded by Ankit Prasad and Mohd Wassem. Ankit Prasad registered his first business at the age of 15 which is called #RDS, a web application development and hosting company. After making decent bucks, at IIT Delhi he continued playing a significant role in a few early stage startups. A few of them are thewittyshit, voguemagnet, greycells education etc. All of those were before actually starting

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