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Tushar Makhija
(University of Southern California – MS 2005; Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, University of Mumbai – B.E 2003)
Rushabh Doshi
(University of Southern California – MS 2005; University of Mumbai – B.E 2003)
Nikhil Badwe
Alexa Ranking
May, 2013
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Parent Company
Stockezy Social Media Private Limited.

Founded Year

Number of Employee
1-10 employees

Head Office
Mumbai, India
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Stockezy’s Story is an online Social Investing site in India. Stockezy provides an alternative in form of social networking and micro-blogging services to connect like-minded stock market participants in Indian Markets providing services for users to evaluate their financial acumen and garner Investing knowledge. Stockezy houses a stock based social networking service where users can mingle with other participants & make friends in stock markets. Users are also allowed to follow influential investors., the brainchild of three Silicon Valley IT professionals, was founded in August 2008, born largely out of their personal need to invest in the Indian stock market. Tushar Makhija, Nikhil Badwe and Rushabh Doshi, were college buddies turned roommates working in San Francisco when they hit upon the idea and started work on it.

The business idea for Stockezy took shape in 2007. Tushar Makhija had graduated from the University of Southern California (USA) and had found work with VMware. He was in the second year of my employment there and some employee stock options (ESOPs) were issued to him. So, automatically he had a trading account. Once the first batch of stocks matured, he sold them and had some cash in hand. That was when he got introduced to investing. His co-founders (Rushab Doshi and Nikhil Badwe) were with him, all through that and they started getting exposed to a lot of information about investing in stocks, both online and offline. Casually, they started speaking to batch mates from college about investing in stocks in India and noticed that those who were doing it were massively dependent on their brokers. The standard refrain was, how do he know what’s happening in the markets in India sitting in the US? Sure, there were news sites. But that’s one-way information. There was no scope for discussion. So, they started a Google group. Friends who were in India started feeding information and he started feeding that back to my mother, who was in India and was investing on him behalf. So, Tushar closed the loop by creating the Stockezy platform with Nikhil and Rushab. They took the pluses of social networking and applied that to investing in stocks to create the platform. The idea was to cater to the bottom of the pyramid, of the investing world. Stockezy’s clearly aimed at the retail investor who doesn’t have the time to think about investing. These guys make mostly distress investments, done during February – March, the tax season.

Today Stockezy is a leading Indian Stock based Social networking portal.

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