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mDhil provides basic healthcare information to the Indian consumer via text messaging, mobile web browser, and interactive digital content.

After his undergrads, two years in the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Latin America made Nandu Madhava realize the lack of vital health related information. People who needed it the most did not have access to that information especially on tabooed subjects like AIDS, pregnancy etc. Having lived in the United States all his life, Nandu moved to India in 2008 and started mDhil in 2009. Usually, health is seen as a problem only at the bottom of the pyramid. However Nandu, sees health as a universal issue prevalent in all sections of Indian society.

mDhil services initially began as an SMS based service that was available through mobile service providers targeting people between 17 to 25 years of age in tier I & tier II cities as that group is the early adopter of mobile and web technology. Sexual health is also a huge topic in that age group and so is women’s health.

Although the company started as a SMS based information, they have transitioned to create applications for mobiles and desktops apart from video content. SMS services are usually faced with the challenge of overcoming the language barrier. To overcome this, their SMS content is in both English and Hindi. With video and web they aim to provide more feature rich content which further takes care of the language barrier.



Nandu Madhava
( Harvard Business School – MBA 2006; University of Texas at Austin – BBA 1999)

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