freshersworld is an Indian job portal especially for fresh graduates.

Naukri changed the game in the late 90s, bringing job searches online. However, when engineering graduate Joby Joseph came to Bangalore in search of a job back in 1999 and it took him 10 months to find one. Joby, with first hand experience of the trouble a fresher has to undergo while searching for a job decided to make job hunting for freshers easy. Though he eventually found employment, Joby launched in 2000, a portal listing jobs for fresh graduates only, which gained traction in a short span. Joby after a half decade experience with IT Bigwigs, quit his job to take does not charge recruiters. This means that job posting and resume search for recruiters is absolutely free. makes money from online advertising and branding campaigns and also charges a small amount from students who are premium members. Premium members have more chance for finding jobs as only they can apply to premium jobs.