Raghuveer Kancherla
(Indian Institute of Technology Madras-2005 B.Tech)
Girish Redekar
(Indian Institute of Technology Madras 2005 B.Tech+M.Tech)

Raj Sheth
(Babson College – 2003 B.S)
Alexa Ranking
May, 2013
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Parent Company
Aplopio Technology

Founded Year

Number of Employee
1-10 employees

Head Office
Career Page

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recruiterbox’s Story

Founders (Girish Redekar, Raj Sheth and Raghuveer Kancherla) worked for about 4 years in a regular job before starting Recruiterbox. During that time, they happened to be early members of the teams they joined. They became naturally associated with the hiring process when those teams started to expand. The teams used email and excel sheets to organize candidate information, evaluations, interview schedule, communications etc, but that soon became messy to manage. Often important information was lost beneath a pile of email, applications were falling through the cracks, and no one had any idea of what was going on.

They tried a few “Applicant Tracking Systems”, but they turned out to be a much bigger overhead and were cumbersome to use. That is when the first idea of a simple, collaborative hiring tool germinated. They quit their jobs, and the first alpha version of Recruiterbox was built by Mar 2010.

Recruiterbox is a web-based Applicant Tracking System that helps startups and small companies manage their hiring process. It allows a company to create openings on its platform, publish them to social media and search engines, and then receive all applications organized by openings.Recruiterbox accepts resumes via email, upload or candidate applications on career pages. This allows teams to collaborate on all candidates and openings in one place. They can assign tasks, share notes, schedule interviews and communicate with candidates. With Recruiterbox, all your hiring related information is neatly organized and accessible at one place.Within months of its launch, it is already being used by hundreds of small companies – plus some larger ones like Groupon China and Levis India.

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