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Archana’s Kitchen’s Story

Archana’s Kitchen is a website that has simple vegetarian recipes for smart and healthy living. The recipes have detailed cooking methods with illustrative photograph and cooking guides to make it simple and easy to cook. Archana’s Kitchen was the inspiration behind Google Chrome’s first ever TV Ad in India.

Archana Doshi grew up in a small town Coimbatore. Her entire family loves to eat as well as cook, including her father who used to whip up fabulous Sunday lunches once in a while. Her mother was especially fond of cooking and experimenting with a variety of cuisines from around the world. She collected a zillion recipe clippings and never failed to try them all. She always cooked with so much love to a food addicted family keeping using modern cooking techniques with the intent of preserving nutrition. Now her mother did not stop there. Archana’s brother and Archana had compulsory days of cooking and working in the kitchen.

Archana’s repertoire on variety of cuisines, cooking skills, and smell for secret ingredients grew and it continues to grow. Work life stopped and motherhood began, which started giving her time to idle away. This idle time gave her a brilliant idea to start writing a recipe book. As these thoughts were evolving, Blog Cooking had started taking over books and recipes were all over the internet; which is when she decided to join the world of bloggers. Today she is a food blogger, followed by a food writer, an author, a food stylist, food photographer and food consultant.

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