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Anikendra Choudhary
(Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati – B.Tech 2007)
Amev burman
(The University of Sheffield – M.Sc 2011)
Kumar Abhinav

Alexa Ranking
January, 2013
Rank in India
Rank in World

Parent Company
Viraliti Inc.

Founded Year

Number of Employee
1-10 employees

Head Office
Noida, India
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viraliti’s Story
Viraliti is an advertisement network for Pinterest. Viraliti provides a platform for advertisers to promote their products and services on Pinterest via influential Pinterest users. Viraliti works on cost per click model.Viraliti has strong recommendation engine and only promotes relevant ad campaigns to users. Individuals can also sign up with Viraliti and make money online from home by using their social media network to promote content from the Ad inventory of Viraliti.

Viraliti runs on a CPC (cost per click) model that is advertisers will be charged for every legitimate clicks. The CPC for a publisher will be decided based on their influence on Pinterest. So a pinner who has more followers and generates more likes, comments and repins on their pins has more possibility of generating a sale and therefore will get higher CPC. Viraliti pays its users per valid click received on the content. It is like ‘Adwords for Pinterest’.

Brands/advertisers/internet marketers create display ad campaigns and set their campaign description (which actually goes as the description of the pin), targeting parameters(country and interests), CP, total budget and once they pay via paypal, their campaign becomes active on Viraliti and is available to publishers for pinning. Then publishers who are basically influential Pinterest users pin it onto their boards. Publishers monetize these pins whenever their followers click on them. Even when the sponsored pin is repinned by someone, the publisher earns for clicks that these repinned images get.
It is useful for start-ups/businesses who wants viral increment via the use of social media or wants find out which online campaign is bringing the most people to website or want complete analytics of thier campaigns run while individual who can access Viraliti from any PC, tablet, or mobile phone makes money.

Viraliti has raised a seed funding from Indiatimes’ TLabs incubator.

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