Premjeet Kumar
(Indian Institute of Technology Bomabay)
Sidharth Mishra
(Indian Institute of Technology Bomabay)
Gaurav Shah
(Indian Institute of Technology Bomabay)
Ashish Rathi
(Indian Institute of Technology Bomabay)
Hitesh Lalwani
(Indian Institute of Technology Bomabay)
Rahul Shrivastava
(Indian Institute of Technology Bomabay)
Siddharth Bidwan
(Indian Institute of Technology Bomabay)

April, 2013
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Mumbai, India
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Netapedia’s Story is a social venture which aims to bridge the information gap between electors and their representatives, becoming a one stop platform for information on the nation’s political systems and democratic procedures.

IIT Bombay alumni Premjeet Kumar, Sidharth Mishra and Gaurav Shah has started Then other team member joined them. Premjeet and Sidharth discussed the initial idea decided to create a portal in November, 2010. The domain name was registered in December, 2010 and over the next 3 months, they steadily developed the idea. Gaurav joined in March, 2011 and that’s when development of the profile page commenced. Data entry testing started in April and they had a profile page ready by the end of the month. During that time, work was underway on operations, data base management and the front end along with further conceptualization. The portal was launched on October 13, 2011. Founders aim to make Netapedia India’s best political information, analysis provider and discussion portal. The goal is that anyone who wants to know anything about Indian politics should find everything he/she needs on the website.

Currently, Netapedia has all the information about Indian Politicians, their history,biographical info, the votes they pooled, Education qualification,Legal record and other information.

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