Parul Gupta
( University of California, Los Angeles -M.S 2003 ; Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay – B.Tech 2002 )
Nitin Gupta
( University of California San Diego – Ph.D 2009 ; Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur – 2004)
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February, 2013
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NA, India
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ngopost’s Story is an online forum for people sharing and discussing various social welfares inventiveness. It was launched in 25th August 2007 by a group of Indian students studying in US.

NGO Posts origin goes back to days at University of California, San Diego where Nitin and Parul were students. They were a part of a student group called Udai where all volunteers worked with NGOs and created awareness about different social issues. During their activities, they felt the need for an open, global platform where anybody interested in social welfare activities could come together to share their knowledge, learn from each others experience and also find other motivated people. Both have been deeply involved in the social sector since their early college days Parul have been volunteering for many causes and Nitin was a founding member of an NGO called Shiksha Sopan in IIT Kanpur and Udai at UCSD. Nitin is also a web-technology enthusiast and a computer scientist by education. Nitin got All India Rank 1 in the Joint Entrance Exam to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT-JEE), 2000. He has prior experience in building small websites and applications, including, a popular online transliteration tool from English to Hindi. One night, during their chat sessions, he suggested NGO Post as a means of using technology for social good. Parul got hooked on to the idea and then slowly fellow-believers like their friends and many others joined forces.

Today NGO Post is more than a traditional news website or mailing list. More than about news, it is about ideas that facilitate action. The contributing members (or citizen journalists) submit stories related to non-profit ventures in or around their lives. NGO Post has become a good place to read about what people are doing to make a difference in the world around them, to get inspired, to discuss ideas and even connect with people who feel about and want to contribute to certain causes. NGO Post is bridging the gap between social work and technology: allowing anyone to contribute their input in developmental work using the Internet. Members range from NGOs, social-workers, social entrepreneurs or simply someone interested in learning about existing problems and ongoing social work. By encouraging local involvement at all levels, NGO Post hopes to promote a feeling of community involvement among members, and plant seeds of a grassroots movement of social activism and self-empowerment.

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