Anand Meena
(Delhi College of Engineering -B.E 2011)
Sanjay Meena
(Delhi College of Engineering -B.E 2010)
Anwesha Bose
(Delhi College of Engineering -B.E 2011)
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aglasem’s Story

Aglasem, literally meaning the next semester was created with the aim of “helping the student community”. It houses anything and everything to make the student’s life smoother. The sections and content are so divided as to cover all the requirements of the student right from the day he steps in the under graduate world and beyond.

In college days, standing in the long queues to get your notes and question papers photocopied is a really harrowing task, especially when you are already running short of time and pocket money. Thereafter you even need to buy a book at the last moment as you just got to know that half the paper is coming straight out of its pages.

One such day, in the cold December, Anand Meena, a computer science second year student was waiting in the college photocopy shop with his seniors Samrat Malik and Divya. It took them over an hour to get ten pages notes each attended to. Though most others were pretty used to this waiting by then, a little something struck in these students’ minds. A student’s plight is best understood by a student himself. So this bright team of students from Delhi Technological University, formerly Delhi College of Engineering decided to find a good solution; and they did. They used the mightiest tool in today’s world, the internet. The idea of Aglasem germinated in their grey cells in the month of January and they started working on the layout, content and everything else. Within twelve days, they launched “”. The team consisted of six students Anand Meena, Samrat Malik, Divya, Abhishek Bindal, Abhishek Kanojia, Aakash Agarwal; all from DCE.

In its baby stages, the university library helped them out by providing them previous year question papers and syllabus to upload on the portal. The herculean task of scanning the hundreds of papers was enthusiastically undertaken by the team. Aglasem was a huge success in the first go itself. Now no student had to painfully spend money or time arranging for these things. Today, a number of colleges are covered and the various sections of Aglasem take care of different needs.

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