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Kavita Iyer (An IIT-Delhi and IIM-Ahmedabad graduate) and her old IIT friends- Sanjay Aggarwal and Sushma Abburi had quit their jobs and started their own venture, a dotcom. There were many ideas at first. But only one stuck, and it cashed in on the Orkut and Facebook phenomenon, but with a difference. They wanted to create a space for Internet users that was rooted in Indian sensibilities. As she believe the online community is based on real-life interaction and is not about exposing the user to someone unknown. Launched in August 2006, Minglebox.com has now become a favoured haunt for students in close to 4000 colleges across the country-a go-to for everything from the latest lowdown on college festivals to study groups that focus on CAT exams.

When it comes to starting out, the pockets can never be too deep. Minglebox saw Iyer and her two friends put their hands deep into their pockets. There was no monetarily support system. They’d quit their jobs and there would be no salaries flowing into their bank accounts every month. But the three friends knew each other and liked working together. They also shared a common passion, a need to make their mark in India’s Internet space. They also knew that the time was right.

At that time there were a lot of younger people who were doing something like that. They believed that was the right time for them and did not want to leave. Iyer’s family was surprised by the decision, but supportive. Getting together a perfect start-up team was the challenge with Minglebox. That and realising that everything couldn’t be perfect from the word go. Iyer and co-founders Aggarwal and Abburi made sure they set a deadline for themselves. They were constantly refining and upgrading the features on minglebox. One focus for them has been launching the campus product “a unique space/website for students and alumni of each college to get together, interact and share content”. Minglebox saw a venture capital company investing $7 million in it. Finally they got their success path.