HackerEarth is an innovative platform that aim to put real-world programming at the center of the tech-hiring process, making for swifter and cost-effective hiring. The SaaS product allows Engineering Managers to create online programming tests across several programming languages and platforms. The applicant’s code is compiled, tested, and evaluated using a range of metrics to help companies filter candidates quickly and accurately. Its a place for coders to solve interesting problems, learn programming, and get noticed by tech companies. It is founded by two young IIT Roorkee engineers – Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash.

Sachin Gupta was working on a project called MyCareerStack a forum for coding. The idea was to get people on the platform, to learn and discuss about computer programming. While at IIT-R, Vivek Prakash met him. Vivek built a web based code checker for the product. But It was only worked for C and C++ programs. However, the platform did bring up an interesting problem. They thought that there was brilliant talent in the lesser known colleges in India and they would never get to work in innovative product companies as they would never recruit from there. So duo team up and built a platform to connect the Industry with talented coders through HackerEarth – which provides a learning platform, code contests and profiles.