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HackerRank, delevoped by InterviewStreet, a social platform for coders, was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt Event. The Y Combinator-backed company, which was founded by the same team as job coding site InterviewStreet, wanted to create a community of hackers based around puzzles, game bots and real-world challenges. HackerRank, as the name implies, will also offer leaderboards and other competitive elements.

The original idea of the site was to provide prospective employers leads for hiring coders and charge fees for every successful referral. Over time, however, this model shifted and at that point, the idea is to get established companies to sponsor challenges and maybe even have the community work out real-world problems the company currently faces. If the company then decides to hire some of the best coders, that’s a bonus.

HackerRank, a coding challenge site that pits programmer against programmer in tournament-style competition. Programmer could write a bot (programme) that plays the game/puzzle for him. Then getting to the top of the leaderboard depends on who started their bot first and the quality of bots’ network connections. One interesting aspect of the site is its ranking system. Problems aren’t categorized by level when they are posted. Instead, the ranking is always relative and levels from 1-10 are assigned to problems after that fact and based on how many people managed to solve the problem. There will also be real-world puzzle-like problems on the site that the company plans to source from leading figures in the various programming language communities.

In their business model, a company puts up a challenge, then HackerRank can charge for this as the companies want these problems solved.



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