Interviewstreet is an IT Startup company started by two alumni of National Institute of Technology Trichy. Interviewstreet has been started as a platform for conducting mock interviews for students to help them in campus placements. But later their Business Model turned to help Companies to recruit the right employees with good Programming skills. Interviewstreet helps Companies to screen candidates with real programming tests with their Web-based tools.

Interviewstreet began as a college project at NIT, Tiruchirapalli. The founders Vivek Ravisankar and Harishankaran K, set up a forum for mock interviews with college students during placement season, helping to filter out promising candidates from the larger pool. On graduating, they were hired by Amazon and IBM, respectively, but continued to work on their start-up idea in their free time. In July 2009, they quit their jobs and sought mentoring from The Morpheus, a Chandigarh-based seed fund. But even this boost was not sufficient. They were not getting any traction even after working on it for many months but they were, however, not ready to abandon the venture.Instead the two friends locked themselves up in a room for 10 days and launched Interview Street in December 2010.

They started with mock interviews, articles section. But it didn’t work. They applied at Y Combinator(YC) in 2010 for first time and rejected. They started Q&A site for interviews but it did not help. They had interacted with a number of companies and convinced them that their top problem was hiring. They decided to build a tool to help companies for screening the programmers with coding tests. They used to mail hundreds of companies in the valley about their tool. None of them used to reply and one day Dropbox got back to them. They once again applied at YC Winter batch in 2010 and got rejected. After that amazon decided to try their tool. Facebook also used their tool to screen the programmer. They applied to YC (Summer 2011 batch) for the third time and got selected.Interviewstreet has become the first Indian company to be chosen for an incubation programme at Y Combinator, the iconic Sillicon valley seed fund. InterviewStreet is the second Indian startup after Pallav Nadhani’s Fusion Charts to win a project from the White House. The programme to promote equal pay for women in corporate America is powered with technology from InterviewStreet. They raised their funding from an amazing set of investors – Vinod Khosla, Jawed Karim, Zenshin Capital.

interviewStreet Team had moved the existing challenges in Interviewstreet onto HackerRank in 2013.