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Rajesh Moorjani

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May, 2013
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Pune, India
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Programr’s Story

Programr is an Online IT Lab where IT students can learn, practice and master programming skills interactively online. Students can code full-fledged projects in Java, C++, PHP and even Android and iOS right in the browser. Programr is an online practice ground for creating projects, sharing them with friends, participating in contests, and taking online IT classes. Programr is sort of like Codecademy, but for higher-level languages

Programr officially launched in September 2011. Earlier, for a few months, it was known as Krazy Koder and sold as a white-labelled lab solutions to IT Colleges but then it was made open to all users in September 2011.

The idea came when Rajesh Moorjani was actually taking an advanced IT course (J2EE / Struts) at a local college. Though he enjoyed the face-to-face sessions there, the place was too far from his home and it would take him 45 minutes of travel to get there – which was a pain. Also, he could access the lab only at allocated times for limited hours. That got him thinking how cool it would be if he could get 24×7 lab access right at his home. He wanted to create cool stuff from home and share it with his faculty to get his feedback. However his faculty wouldn’t have the time to sit installing the zip files he sent him via email (containing source code, libraries, db table exports, web server xml files, config files and so on). He also wanted to share his lab creations with his friends all over the world easily and get their feedback. So he started looking for a solution where he could code & share his lab creations with others online easily. He didnt find any, so decided to take it up as a project and roll his own. Thus was born Programr.

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