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Harsh Agarwal

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December, 2012
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Delhi, India
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shoutmeloud’s Story

ShoutMeLoud is an Indian website primarily focuses on Blogging, making money online, SEO, WordPress, Affiliate marketing, Web 2.0, internet tools and Internet marketing etc.

Harsh Agarwal was like every other Engineering pass-out, his dream was to have a good job (9-6) in a reputable company. he got placed in Accenture and that was turning point of his life. Having a job in hand gave him enough boosts and he started living the life he wanted to. Though due to recession, Accenture delayed the freshers joining and he started working part time and started with a blog at the same time.

He started blogging just out of fun in September 2008 and to write about things which he know. He started his blogging journey on BlogSpot platform. He was more interested in network security and hacking related stuff. So the first domain name which he wanted was underground world, which was already taken. So he started with domain name virgintech.blogspot and by the end of three month he was getting appreciation from his readers and he thought of investing on his blog.

He bought Web-hosting and domain from DreamHost and migrated his blog to WordPress. That time, he was really unaware of power of WordPress, but he jumped into it as most of top blogs he knew where using WordPress. His real eye opener for Blogging was Wordcamp event which happened in New Delhi in 2009, where he get to meet people like Matt and Om Malik and that gave him a great motivational boost in the initial days of Blogging. When it came to deciding his blog name, he wanted to get something unique yet catchy. He was mind mapping but could not stick to one name. One day, while going to office, somewhere he saw a picture in which a guy is shouting and that’s where this name (Shout-Me-Loud), came into his mind and he started with it.

He was working with Convergys when he started blogging and he was waiting for joining date from Accenture. In between he left his job at Convergys and thought of giving a shot to full-time blogging, by the time Accenture invited him to join them as full time work, he was doing good with Blogging and took one of the toughest decision by opting for Professional blogging and today he is a well-known blogger.

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