Yatra.com is an Indian online travel agency and a travel search engine.

When Yatra.com began its operations as a start-up in January 2006 it comprised only of three employees: founders Sabina Chopra, Dhruv Shringi and Manish Amin. While they was working with ebookers (between 2000 and 2005) use of Internet to make online travel bookings was growing rapidly. That’s where they learned what online travel was all about. All three of them were working together in different fields with ebookers. Sabina was in the operations, Manish was handling technology and Rohit was in finance. It was there that they worked on the idea of doing something on their own. From there on they prepared a business plan and went in for funding which worked for them.

The three of them had solid grounding and expertise in how the online travel business worked. Their experience, their background, and the key skill set that each of them in the team possessed helped us get venture funding. Sabina’s area of strength was operations and business development, Manish had a solid grounding in web site development as he developed ebookers’ web site and Dhruv was the guy who is wonderful with finance. Although the Indian tourism market has been booming ever since the start of this decade succeeding in their travel venture was not a smooth ride for these three former employees of ebookers.com, but they assiduously built a business that had the backing of some of the best venture capitalists from the day they began their operations.

Yatra.com has acquired 100% stake in Travelguru from Travelocity Global.This is Yatra.com’s fourth major acquisition, following the purchase of Travel Services International Pvt. Ltd (TSI) in October 2010, MagicRooms in June 2011 and Buzzintown in January, 2012.

Its major competitors are MakeMyTrip, Via and Cleartrip etc.