Countries where facebook is not number #1 social networking website

Countries where Facebook is not number 1 Social Network

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site turns nine years on 4th February, 2013. At the age of 9, it tops as No. 1 social network in 94% of the countries in the world.  We have collected ranking of websites from alexa as per February 2013. In following countries alexa rank of facebook is behind its opponents or even it has no presence. Facebook is totally banned in countries like China, North Korea, Iran and Vietnam. Green portion of map indicates countries/territories where facebook doesn’t rule.Countries and their own prime social networks where facebook does’t rule. Major countries/territories are from Asian continent where non-English speaking ratio is high.

In Belarus —->

In China ——>

In Kazakhstan —-> /

In Moldova ——>

In Russia —-> /

In Ukraine —->

In South Korea —>

In Uzbekistan —–>

In Iran  —–>

In Vietname ——>

In North Korea —> NA

Facebook major opponent are;, and Even it is getting fight to remain No.1 title in Kyrgyzstan by and  in Latvia by Other competitors are mixi in Japan and renren in China.


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