Countries where Google is not #1 search engine

Countries where Google is not number 1 Search

Google is a search engine behemoth in the internet world. But in some countries Google is not number 1 search engine. We have collected ranking of websites from alexa as per February 2013.  Green color in Map indiacates those countries where Google rank is behind its opponents  and they are covering around 3% of total countries in the world. All major countries/territories are from Asian continent where non-English speaking ratio is high. In China and North Korea, Google is totally banned. Countries and its own prime search engine names are given below. 

In China —->

In South Korea —–>

In Russia ——>

In Taiwan —–>

In Japan —–>

In North Korea —–> NA

Google’s major opponents are Baidu, Yandex and Yahoo in non-speaking English countries. Other then these, and are also popular in South Korea and in Czech Republic. Google is also getting fight from Bing , Blekko, Yandex(english), Yahoo(english) in English speeching countries like US, UK etc.

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