Yahoo acquires a small California-based startup PeerCDN

PeerCDN is a peer-to-peer content delivery network (CDN) for the web browser. It is built by Stanford alumni – Feross Aboukhadijeh, Abi Raja, and John Hiesey. On December 17,2013 Yahoo has acquired it.

Yahoo acquires PeerCDN (Image Courtesy - PeerCDN)
Yahoo acquires PeerCDN (Image Courtesy – PeerCDN)

PeerCDN’s technology delivers website’s static assets (like images, streaming videos, and file downloads) over a peer-to-peer network made up of the visitors currently on website. Popular files on website can be quickly and cheaply delivered via a peer-to-peer network of people currently visiting a website , while rarely-visited content can be served reliably from normal web servers. PeerCDN’s technology is using WebRTC, real-time communication technology, instead of using an additional software.

Yahoo has acquired content delivery network provider PeerCDN in a bid to resolve its e-mail service and Flickr. Yahoo has been hit with embarrassing outages of its e-mail service and Flickr, so the appeal of a service like PeerCDN — which promises to reduce web crashes — is obvious. PeerCDN could also be very useful with native Yahoo audio/video content.

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